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Sentencing in Oklahoma (7th Ed. 2022-2023)

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About the book

Sentencing in Oklahoma is a practical guide for Oklahoma judges and attorneys. It contains seven chapters of sentencing law and procedure, with 14 chapters of sentencing scenarios (first offense and enhanced) for commonly prosecuted crimes. It also contains case law summaries from the first edition to date, helpful lists, and comments on specific sentencing problems. Over 1,000 footnotes provide a quick reference or allow a “second look” in the courtroom. Proven in over six years of courtroom use by dozens and dozens of Oklahoma judges, prosecutors, and defense attorneys.

About the author

Bryan Lester Dupler has been a Judicial Assistant to the Honorable David B. Lewis, Judge of the Oklahoma Court of Criminal Appeals, since 2005. He was previously employed at the Capital Post-Conviction (1996-2005) and Capital Trial Divisions (1991-1993) of the Oklahoma Indigent Defense System, and law partner with John David Echols in Tulsa. He has been an adjunct professor of Criminal Justice at the University of Oklahoma since 2008, and is a 1992 graduate of the University of Oklahoma College of Law.

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